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Trust Elements LLC. will make efforts to provide the attractive and interesting products that make Japanese people enjoy and satisfied with from overseas.

Description of business

Trust Elements LLC. finds the products that are not yet seen in Japan as well as practical and interesting products from overseas to make it easier for you to become familiar with overseas products, and to help you know the ideas and fun about those products. We will spread innovative products from all over the world to Japan, reduce the distance from overseas through the products, and develop a business that makes all domestic and foreign people smile.

We have teamed up with a team of consultants led by Hideaki Otake, a partner of three major Japanese crowdfunding sites, to maximize sales of foreign products in Japan.Mr. Otake’s team has the No. 1 track record in crowdfunding in Japan.(https://yubi-ken.com/en/)Through crowdfunding, we will help you increase the brand value of your products and reach out to Japanese market.After that, we will help you sell your products both in physical stores and online.Come join us and spread the word about your great product to Japanese customers!

Business development

Use of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is actively utilized from the perspective of test sales and promotion to let more people know about the product and to enhance the originality of the product. For producers, it also allows them to pick up consumer feedback directly, thereby reducing risk and realizing effective marketing.

Bringing overseas products to Japan

Importing good overseas products to Japan.We travel to overseas trade fairs, negotiate directly with manufactures, and import products that have not been sold in Japan. Same as there are many good products in Japan, there are so many good products around the world. Among them, we will select advanced products and interesting products and deliver to everyone in Japan.

Sales Channels

Utilizes many channels, including wholesale to mass retailers and other retailers, collaboration with domestic manufacturers, and online sales through e-commerce sites Amazon and Yahoo Shopping.
We aim to maximize sales opportunities by bringing our products to the attention of as many people as possible.

Brand name

Only some of them are introduced here.

There are other manufacturers we do business with as well.

Contact Us

Please contact us at the phone number or email address on the business card below. We will reply to you within 3 days of your contact.


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